Peewee and the Cravada Ants
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A Note on Copyrights:

All of the stories on this page were written by my grandfather, A. Lamont Nielsen (deceased). Any copyright infringment is purely coincidental. We are just trying to provide some fun entertainment for everyone. All documents in this page are Preliminary Copyright (c) 2001 by the SuzieQ Foundation, a division of B. G. A. Enterprises.

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Peewee and the Cravada Ants: This is a story about a mayor of a town (Peewee), who needs to raise funds for the purchase of lands. What he does is hilariously funny and includes a wild bird and some crazy ants!

One eye, two eye, and three eye: Three sisters, each with one eye more than the next, have some wild adventures involving a magical goat and a gold and silver tree!

Splendid and Stupid: This is your traditional story of two brothers, one prized above the other who go on a wacky adventure to save a princess from a mean, fire-breathing dragon!

The Licorice Monster: An off-the-wall story about a and a monster that both love licorice.

(c) 2001 by the SuzieQ Foundation.