Peewee and the Cravada Ants
Peewee and the Cravada Ants
The SuzieQ Corner

Written by Mark Aldous

(c) 2001 by The SuzieQ Foundation.

Peewee was the mayor of a town called Peeweesville. This town wanted to buy a big plot of land that costs $50,000,000. Peewee was elected to get the money, so he packed a napsack and set off looking. He walked about twenty minutes and he came to this big field.
There were two Bull snakes. Bull snakes are the strongest snakes in the world. The Bull snakes are worth $10,000,000 a piece and there were two of them which made $20,000,000. Peewee was excited about this but knew the town really wanted the money for this plot of land quickly so he continued looking.
He walked another four hours and he started getting tired and hungry. He sat down on a rock and unfolded his napsack to eat his lunch. He looked up and saw some ants marching up toward his food. He said "Oh, go away!, and they turned around and went away. He yelled "about face" and the ants obeyed. He yelled "forward march" and they marched right into a bottle he happened to have in his napsack.
As you have probably realized, these ants were not ordinary ants, these ants were Cravada ants, and Cravada ants do whatever you tell them to do. Many parents wish there children would act like Cravada ants. The Cravada ants were worth $1,000,000 each. Since there were 10 of them, that made $10,000,000, with a grand total of $30,000,000 for all of the things he had caught that day. So he still needed $20,000,000.
He packed up his lunch and continued walking. After about 3 hours he came to a small pond. He thought he might catch a fish for his wife to cook for dinner, so he grabbed a stick, attached a piece of string to it, and tossed it in the water.
After about 20 minutes he felt a tug. It was a very big fish, and so it took him another 20 minutes to get it out of the water. It was a Siren Fish, the most beautiful fish in the world. It began to sing its beautiful song. It put Peewee into a daze. He began to hum along as he calculated how much money he still had to get. Siren Fish are worth $10,000,000, so he still had to get $10,000,000. The siren fish's song began to make him sleepy, so, telling himself he had done a good amount of work for the day, he headed home.
When he was almost home he heard the strangest noise.
"Peewee! Peeweee!" The voice rang out.
Peewee turned around, looking for the person who was calling his name. Finding nothing, he continued walking. Suddenly, there was a rustling sound, and there, flying before him, was a Peewee bird, named such because of the sound it made. Now, Peewee birds are worth $10,000,000, so this would round out the amount of money.
Peewee caught it in his lunch sack, and continued home. He now had all of the money needed, and so finally, Peewee had earned enough to buy the land.


Oh, wait, don't leave yet! You'll never guess what they put on the plot of land!

Peewee Huggins Memorial Bull Snake, Cravada Ant, Siren Fish, and Peewee Bird Sanctuary!

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